Frames, Mah, Slideshow, Song / Gorse #4

A new text entitled Frames is now published on Gorse #4

It was written, among many other reasons, out of the recurring question of how to work through Italian texts when I write in English, letting the hesitations in my translation process prompt more writing.

The texts in this case are a number of book reviews written by Pasolini, into and out of which I zoomed more writing, in relation to the only song he wrote called What Are the Clouds?, a marionette play of Othello that he staged in a film, and a slideshow.

The slideshow that appears at the end of the text is entitled Mah: 

Scan 2


The whole text is structured once again as a mise-en-abyme whose beginning and end are open, between sigh and song:


Scan 1


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