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15 September 2015

The LYD Writing Research Residencies

This autumn I’ll start two collaborative writing research residencies, hosted and supported by Lydgalleriet in Bergen.

When Mei Szetu from Lydgalleriet approached me and asked me to curate a project for them, I knew I did not want to switch into ‘production mode’ right away.

It was necessary instead to make time to research, read, listen, think; time to initiate new dialogues and collaborations; time to spend with artists and writers I admired but with whom I’d never worked before.

Following up the Writing Sound 2 project at Lydgalleriet in 2014, I was interested in re-thinking curating sound as an opening of collaborations, threads and transmissions over which I cannot have entire control.

And I was interested in looking for possibilities for a ‘Sound Art’ space, to go beyond what’s usually expected to hear and see in a ‘Sound Art’ space, and in connection to listening/writing — hence the decision to work with a writer and an artist, Natasha Soobramanien and Dominique Hurth, both of whom would be interested in undertaking residencies and in thinking around voices, conversations, recording, transmission, translating, silencing, although in two very different ways and through different forms.

The LYD Writing Research Residencies start this autumn. I will work in parallel with both Dominique and Natasha, to develop a series of public events and outcomes in 2016.

You can read more about the residencies and follow updates here:

14 September 2015

F.M.R.L. reviewed on The Wire and The Journal of Sonic Studies

More reviews for F.M.R.L., in The Wire / Oct 2015, and on The Journal of Sonic Studies.

It’s about time I started to think of The Next One, then. Or maybe something slightly different.

12 September 2015

Frames on Gorse #4

Six new texts are to be published on various journals and anthologies in the next few months. They are all interconnected, and deal in different ways with my ongoing concern with frames, in the attempt to shape a writing which inhabits certain rhythms heard in reading and listening.

The first of these texts will appear on the fourth issue of literary journal Gorse. It is entitled Frames and it contains short translations I made of some of Pasolini’s book reviews (never translated into English before), the only song he wrote, a marionette play and a slideshow, while not being ‘about’ any of these at all.

Gorse#4 is out at the end of September. You can read a preview of my text here:

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12 September 2015

F.M.R.L. reviewed by Tomoe Hill on Minor Literature[s]

I was so pleased to read Tomoe Hill’s review of F.M.R.L., published earlier this week on Minor Literature[s]. You can really tell when a writer and a keen reader writes reviews…

[…] In some ways, to say it is a book does it a disservice, although of course it takes the physical form. Words in lines, on pages, familiar structures. But there is a magical disorder to all of these which reveals the logic from its listener-writer as well as creating a new one from the reader’s perspective: those of sound and word, meaning and memory. To read, in this instance is to open someone’s mind and play with the thoughts within, and then delve into your own to discover a kinship.
Her pages are filled with spiralling thoughts, questions that are so imbedded in us – perhaps even assumed unanswerable – that to dissect their nature seems a path to madness sometimes […]

Read the whole review here:


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