7 March 2019

reading at Angharad Davies’ residency, Café Oto, 23 March

I’m reading for Angharad Davies’ residency at Café Oto, on Saturday 23 March:


5 March 2019

Pasolini at Suite(212) with Juliet Jacques

Juliet Jacques and I have recorded an episode of Suite(212) on Resonance104.4FM entirely devoted to Pier Paolo Pasolini.
You can listen here:


21 February 2019

Stir and Disturb

Giulia Damiani has invited me to contribute to Stir and Disturb, an Art Research seminar at Goldsmiths University of London. 

Friday 1 March, 2pm – free admission, booking here:  


19 February 2019

Artistic Research and Literature

I contributed a text to the Artistic Research and Literature anthology, edited by Corina Caduff and Tan Wälchli.

Open access publication, download here: https://brill.com/view/title/53327 

1 February 2019

Nothing As We Need It / Gestures: Writing That Moves Between

I’m presenting a new performative reading entitled Nothing As We Need It at Gestures: Writing That Moves Between, The Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester, 15/16 February.

With glitches, chimeras, voices and words bewitched.

Info and programme

14 November 2018

Words On The Move

On Friday 16th November I’m speaking and reading at Words on the Move, a series organised by Marina Warner and Luke Williams at Birkbeck London.

Information here: http://www.bbk.ac.uk/events/remote_event_view?id=3122


21 July 2018

Chimera, Sirena

More sonic dreams and nightmares on RIC Journal:

Chimera, Sirena – part 1

Chimera, Sirena – part 2

20 July 2018

Spirit Training

Tristan Foster and I began an email correspondence last year, when he interviewed me for 3:AM Magazine. The exchange continued for months after that, as we agreed to experiment with the usual demands of the interview format, and allow the threads of our conversation to unravel over a longer period of time. The second part, now published on Minor Literature[s], is mainly focused on Tristan’s book Letter to the Author of the Letter to the Father (out on Transmission Press next month). It is called Spirit Training 

21 June 2018

Sigh, A Dream

I’ve started to record.

I could write pages around context and motives for this; in due time.

For now, you can listen to the first instalment on the ever-visionary RIC Journal, where the more-than-visionary Saudamini Deo and Philippe Charlier have welcomed this piece:

Sigh, A Dream / Daniela Cascella

17 April 2018

but the string that binds them

When I was asked to contribute to the Visiting Practitioners Lecture Series at LCC on Thursday 19 April, I knew this would be a great chance for me to begin and re-read my three books as chapters of one book; and to begin and hear the less deliberate yet present echoes and returns in the three of them, and to begin to sense where chapter 4 might rebegin. I started indexing the three books, and my attention was driven as much to the echoes and premonitions (the thread around sigh, breath, necessity and Ananke is not yet exhausted: I know this, having spent the last few months re-reading Calasso and Hillman) as to the lacunae and what is still unspoken. I realised how these books do not seek explanation but connections: to be in other ears and eyes, and to nest in them.
Maybe chapter 4 will rewrite or paraphrase these books inside-out: from their inner lining, lingering on words such as chance, taste, quietude.
Meanwhile, this Thursday: old songs, speechlessness, a post-punk band from Italy, some Robert Aldrich. And this, from John Cage’s Lecture on Something:


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