19 June 2021

Writing (the view from above)

15 June 2021

Voices, Subjects, Chimeras / A Table Made Again For the First Time

My text Voices, Subjects, Chimeras is included in A Table Made Again For the First Time, a collection of responses to Kate Briggs’ This Little Art published by Juan De La Cosa and edited by Paul Becker and Francesco Pedraglio.

With contributions by P. Becker, K. Briggs, D. Cascella, Sophie Collins, Renée Gladman, Nadia Hebson, Rubén Martín Giráldez, Arno Renken, Alejandro Zambra.


15 June 2021

‘Ah, the Violet.’ Or Was It a Bell? / Setting a Bell Ringing

My text ‘Ah, the Violet.’ Or Was It a Bell? is published in Setting A Bell Ringing, a new volume by The Roland Barthes Reading Group on MA Bibliothèque.


9 June 2021

A Sick Remix for Ansgar Allen’s The Sick List

On 10 June I will be reading my Sick Remix in response to Ansgar Allen’s new book The Sick List, published in the Beyond Criticism series at Boiler House Press.

Registration link to attend the launch is here.

25 March 2021

Chimeric Writing at Writing for Practice Forum, Goldsmiths and Sheffield Hallam University, 19 April

On 19 April I will read from my work in progress on Chimeric Writing at the Writing for Practice Forum (Goldsmiths and Sheffield Hallam University), with Jennifer Hodgson as respondent. 

The event is free and open to all, but registration is required. Details and links below.


8 February 2021

Writing Is… Sound, with Susan Tomaselli and Wendy Erskine

On Friday 12 February I’ll be in conversation with Susan Tomaselli and Wendy Erskine, at the Writing Is… Sound event curated by Susan as Writer in Residence at Maynooth University.

Bookings and information here:  https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/writing-issound-tickets-138969737225?aff=

25 January 2021

gradual small fires

I wrote a short text for a new book+CD publication by Steve Roden, gradual small fires (and a bowl of resonant milk), available on 901 Editions.

23 December 2020

Books, Chimeras

Books around me this year while writing of Chimeras:

7 December 2020

Voice of Hearing / You

Voice of Hearing by Vivian Darroch-Lozowski is an extraordinary book, first published in 1984 and made available again this autumn by Christof Migone on Squint Press.

I have contributed to a conversation with Vivian, Christof, Ann West and jake moore to launch the book. The event will be broadcast at 6pm GMT on Saturday 12 December, as part of the project You.

2 October 2020

Dominique Hurth, Mixtape

I am thrilled to have contributed a text for Mixtape, a publication that brings together works by Dominique Hurth from 2008 to 2020.
In response to the audio tracks included in the edition I wrote a monologue in which a voice, trapped in a tape, thinks and sings with the sounds.


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