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13 July 2013

woke up with a tune in my head

on repeat:

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28 May 2013

music / taste / listening

For the last few weeks I’ve been very absorbed with writing my next book, and with a side project of short satirical dialogues (in which I try to mix Lucianus of Samosata’s satires with a 21st-century version of Daniil Kharms, only concerned with the aural… More on these soon) and I haven’t got many words left for this blog.

So I thought I’d post some music instead.

Spotify might not be perfect, but at least I can try… Although I’d rather the music be played without a list of names and titles.
Anyway: every now and then I will be posting playlists with not much coherence other than the unsound glue of ‘what I like’. They are, most of all, driven by the need to return to certain sounds and songs, by the need to put music back in the picture, to understand why I return to certain sounds and songs and, why not, to prompt reflections on taste and aesthetic understanding, which I feel are very much needed.
What are we attracted to? What do we like? How?

So here’s the first one and I already cannot wait to post one soon on old Italian pop songs.

More soon and I hope you’ll enjoy. It’s 10pm so I will start with nighttime music.

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