The LYD Writing Research Residencies / The Sculptor Sinks, Thinks, Sings

It’s been nearly a year since Dominique Hurth and myself started working on a collaborative piece, which turned out to be a project in three parts entitled It Won’t Stop, It Goes On and developed around ideas of interference.
Part 1, The Sculptor Sinks, Thinks, Sings will take place on 3 September in Bergen, on board one of the many cruise ships that interfere intermittently with the architecture of the city. With texts, textures, colours, sounds. Voicing our voices and the voices of others through our accents and muteness, to the point of no distinction. Sinking into the persona of Robert Ashley in his interview-metamorphosis with Pauline Oliveros in Music with Roots in the Aether. Becoming a chameleon-like presence of shiny fabric and masks. Sinking into the horizon.

A series of three posters was designed by Vasilis Marmatakis.

To attend, RSVP:


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