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6 August 2015

reFMRL roundup

It started from a series of reflections around curating, as I was thinking of possible ways to present my new book F.M.R.L.
How to curate-generate, instead of curate-control?
How to avoid/play around acquired formats of ‘readings’ and ‘author Q&As’?
How to work with presence rather than absence?
How to combine my ongoing interest in framing and juxtaposing, with live events and performances?

Below are some traces, voices and murmurs and silences, drawn from the events in the series so far. They were generated by asking artists to work with the book as material for further thinking, quieting, performing, writing, voicing, sounding. I am still overwhelmed by the range of responses and by the generosity of all the artists involved – and I look forward to more…

2 June 2015
Conrad Kemp and Maia Urstad, Jeremy Welsh, Signe Lidén
Bergen, Ostre

Conrad Kemp and Maia Urstad:

6 June 2015
Christian Patracchini, Eleanor Vonne Brown, Georgia Rodger, Jess Chandler, Helena Hunter and Mark Peter Wright
Hardy Tree Gallery, London, at

Christian Patracchini
Eleanor Vonne Brown
Helena Hunter & Mark Peter Wright
Georgia Rodger
Jess Chandler

25 June 2015
Ora, With Salomé Voegelin and guest readings by Aya Kasai, Clodagh Simonds, Helena Hunter, Joanne Lee, Patrick Farmer.
Resonance 104.4FM


20 July 2015
Christian Patracchini, Colin Potter, David Toop, Elaine Mitchener, Georgia Rodger, James Wilkes, 
Patrick Farmer and Trevor Simmons
, Richard Skinner, Rie Nakajima, Salomé Voegelin, Steven J Fowler.
Café OTO, London

Elaine Mitchener

Christian Patracchini

Salomé Voegelin

James Wilkes

Christian Patracchini, SJ Fowler, Richard Skinner, Colin Potter, Rie Nakajima


















** many thanks to SJ Fowler for the videos

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