PoL # 6 Borders

Points of Listening

With Daniela Cascella
Date: Wednesday June 18th, 2014
Time: 6:00pm (duration approx. 40’00” with informal discussion to follow)
Venue: LCC, Elephant & Castle
Spaces are limited. For bookings please email: markpeterwright@gmail.com

A temporary arrangement of fragments. Listening and reading across the borders of sounds, films and words.

talk, listen, door 1

Listen between talk and door. The attention dwells on the peripheral—accidents, detours of thoughts—rather than any assumed core, up to the point when the very core of my listeningreading-into-writing becomes what is normally deemed peripheral. I seek to reclaim the intermittent incoherence in listening and reading, and to move through their residual presence into a marginated writing that is edge, horizon, fuga.


Sonic Doom.
Between euphoria and dysphoria, histories of listening into reading into writing and back. Beginnings that begin nothing. Words after sounds that allude to a meaningful absent: troubled, they point at something else but…

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