More responses to En Abîme: Luciano Chessa, Will Montgomery

This seems to be the month when many readers are finding some time to respond to En Abîme. Two more comments:

“With the incantatory circularity of a responsorium, Daniela Cascella weaves the threads of sound and life in a tapestry of ringing depths and aching beauty. Cascella plays on the same emotional chords, on the same poetical league as the artists she draws from: Marini, Melville, Pasolini.
And just like in Pierre’s recalling and refashioning, she constructs a fresh form out of mutilated remembrances, out of physical and psychological remotedness: the listener has become a composer.”

Luciano Chessa, author of Luigi Russolo, Futurist. Noise, Visual Art and the Occult (University of California Press, 2012)

“En Abîme is a highly individual work of aural archaeology, sifting layers of sound, literature, autobiography and history. Cascella’s project of writing sound dramatises both the continuities and the discontinuities between reading, writing and listening. The range of references and disciplines embraced by these reveries is remarkable: from Pasolini to Cage, Melville to Mika Vainio, protest songs to Alpine chants. Cascella has a wonderfully sensitive ear for the ways in which private and public histories resonate together.”

Will Montgomery, English Department, Royal Holloway, University of London

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