‘…C’est une manière différente d’utiliser l’autobiographie, comme média c’est-â-dire, façon labyrinthe de transporter l’information.’

‘…It is a different manner to use the autobiography, like media i.e. labyrinth kind of transporting information.’

Luc Ferrari, notes to Jetz (Now), 1982 (Now, or probably my daily life is there, in the confusion of the places and the moments)

2 Comments to “now”

  1. labyrinthine text searches for a way out of text, maybe?

    • or maybe: labyrinthine text is the form of an entanglement with other texts, out of itself, to the borderline of not being there? and: autobiography as a form of entanglement – not ‘who am I?’ but (a reversal of Breton in Nadja) ‘what haunts me?’

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